Orchestral Works

Spring Dawn for symphonic orchestra (working in progress)

Four movements


Fantasy on Theme Lanhuahua for symphonic orchestra

 (3/3/3/3, 4/3/3/1, 4 percussion, harp, piano, strings)

Commissioned by National Centre for the Performing Arts


Two Pieces for vocal and symphonic orchestra 5’

(3/2/2/2 4/2/3/1 3 percussions. piano, celesta, soprano solo, strings)

Two movements





Xizi (戏子) for symphonic orchestra 5’

(3/2/2/2, 4/2/3/1, timpani, Pekin small gong, strings)

The winning piece at 2015 Seattle Symphony’s Celebrate Asia International Competition





The Morning at Bita Lake (碧塔海之晨) for symphonic orchestra 12’

 (3/3/3/3, 4/3/3/1, 5 percussions, harp, piano, celesta, strings)

 The winner piece of the second place of the Second NCPA Young Composer Programme Competition

1. Mist (晨霭)

2. The Dance of Wind and Rain (风雨狂舞)

Prelude and Fugue for wind orchestra 13’

Two movements


Suite for symphonic orchestra 20’

(3/3/3/3, 4/3/3/1, 4 percussions, harp, strings)

Excellent Award of China Ministry of Culture 16th Symphonic Composition Competition

1. Prelude

2. Scherzo

3. Notturno

4. Finale


After the Rain in Impressionistic style for clarinetto solo and symphonic orchestra 15’

(3/2/2/2, 4/2/3/1 4 percussions, cl. in B solo, strings)

1. Prelude

2. Winds

3. Clouds

4. The Sun

Click to Listen  Xizi (戏子) performed by Seattle Symphony on 1/3/2015

Click to Listen  The Morning at Bita Lake (碧塔海之晨) performed by National Ballet of China Orchestra on 9/4/2013

Click to Listen Two Pieces for soprano and orchestra

performed by Nizhniy Novgorod Conservatory Orchestra on 4/26/2014

Chamber Works

Two Pieces for seven strings 11’

(2 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, contrabass)

Commissioned by Vale of Glamorgan Festival

1. Prelude

2. Roundo  




Brass Quintetto for five brasses 5’

(2 trombe in B, corno in F, trombone, tuba)

Grand Prize at 3rd All-Russian Competition named after C.C. Prokofiev


All They Talk about the Same (Все Они Говорят об Одном) for soprano and piano (2011) 3’

Lyrics by I. Ceverlyanin

Performed at Nizhniy Novgorod State Conservatory in 2012

Nomination for the best new piece at Vocal Competition Named after Ceverlyanin in 2012



Vocal Suite for baritone, flauto, and pianoforte 10’ four movements

Lyrics by Lermandov

1. The Wild in the North (На Север Диком)

2. To the Portrait (К Портрету)

3. The barren treetop (Горные Вершины)

4. They loved each other (Они Любили Друг Друга)

Performed at Nizhniy Novgorod State Conservatory in 2010


Rondo for pianoforte solo 4’

Performed at Nizhniy Novgorod State Conservatory in 2010

International Piano Competition named after Tsvetinkova in Ekaterinburg in 2012

First place at Golden Key International Composition Competition in New York in 2013



The Puppet Show for flauto, oboe, clarinetto, and fagotto 10’

Three movements


After the Rain for clarinetto, 2 violini, viola, and violoncello 15’

1. Prelude

2. Winds

3. Clouds

4. The Sun


Romantic Date in the Dream (Свидание во Сне) for flute and pianoforte 9’

Performed at Beliey Hall at Nizhniy Novgorod State Library in 2010


The New Year Festival for pianoforte Solo 12’

three movements

Performed at Nizhniy Novgorod State Conservatory in 2010

Click to Listen  Two Pieces for seven strings performed by soloists from NCPA Orchestra on 5/20/2015